Dear Customers!

We are currently unable to deliver coins from Russia to the island and ship to you. The borders between Cyprus and Russia are still closed. Please don't order anything. I will not be able to fulfill the order. ((
Please understand.

Taras and Ekaterina

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Hello my friends!

As you know, we cannot accept bank transfers for our coins. So far, we accept only PayPal and cryptocurrency. 

If you are USD payer and if you can pay with cryptocurrency, we will give you a 5% discount!  PayPal fees for exchange USD to euro - 4% (((

Cryptocurrency can be any. In order not to lose on the depreciation, you can use stable coins (euros or US dollars). If you follow the link below and create a card for yourself, both of us will be credited with $ 50 each. These cards are already available in Singapore, USA and in many countries of Europe. Our daughter received such a card a few days ago in Glasgow (UK). They made a short video about this)
Unpacking & Using Royal Indigo card  We are waiting this card in Cyprus now. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards, Catherina and Taras

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     In Russia, auctions for interesting coins happen frequently, and often they can be bought at a very good price. In my telegram channel I will talk about new auctions, with descriptions and photos of coins being sold. If you are interested in any of the coins, write me the price for which you agree to take it and I will try to buy and send it to you.

Telegram news

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Shop rules

Hello, Dear Visitors/Customers!

In this store you are able to view and pu ... Read more »

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