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23. CnpglzPonodeesk   (2022-10-23 1:24 PM)
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22. Leewhove   (2022-10-20 8:41 AM)
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21. AjtekaPonodeesk   (2022-10-18 7:47 AM)
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20. AjtekPonodeesk   (2022-10-15 10:50 AM)
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19. AjtekPonodeesk   (2022-10-15 8:26 AM)
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18. remokna-nn   (2022-10-04 8:35 AM)
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17. Дитячі товари Київ   (2022-10-02 4:16 AM)
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16. WitekPonodeesk   (2022-09-24 8:38 PM)
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15. WitekPonodeesk   (2022-09-22 10:13 PM)
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14. WajtekPonodeesk   (2022-09-20 6:49 PM)
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13. kb2   (2022-08-23 5:19 AM)
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11. JesseReusy   (2022-07-11 6:29 PM)
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10. Henryjipsy   (2022-06-20 10:53 AM)
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9. XMC.pl-System   (2022-06-18 8:26 AM)
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8. Daniel   (2022-06-16 3:03 AM)
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7. Henryjipsy   (2022-06-14 3:47 PM)
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6. Henryjipsy   (2022-06-13 6:43 PM)
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5. nadinemj60   (2022-05-13 5:05 PM)
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4. Samuelnus   (2022-05-01 10:55 AM)
(派对) 本来就是“宴会、聚会”的意思,从词义上和咱们的聚餐没有本质上的区别。




从文化的视角来看,西方的派对以娱乐和社交为主要特征,不管什么主题,派对一般具有更加灵活的组织方式和形式,可以在公寓,也可以在大厅,可以在门前草坪,也可以在荒郊野地 ,既可以围坐餐桌,也可以烧烤自助,有些各种聊天和讨论,还常有不少娱乐小游戏和舞会助兴

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3. Teresanic   (2022-04-25 11:50 PM)
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2. Ekaterina Krasnova [tkrasnov75]  (2017-10-28 6:50 AM)
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