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About shop

Shop rules

Hello, Dear Visitors/Customers!

In this store you are able to view and purchase almost all Russian modern regular, commemorative, gold and silver coins. Some of them are available for immediate purchase and some are open for pre-order, therefore you can order them and they will be packaged and sent out to you!

If a coin is NOT available you can still pre-order it and I will find it, bring it to Cyprus and send it to you from the island.
At the moment you can pre-order any coin of your choice and it will be prepared to send to you in the start of October (next time - December). 
Prices in the store - "Buy Now". If you order a coin and I have a month or two before I can send it, I'll try to find it cheaper and therefore lower the price for you.

Unfortunately silver and gold coins eventually acquire patina spots.
Generally I am to only send coins in perfect condition, and if the coin has some faults or imperfections, you will see it in the description. Or I will send you more detailed picture of the coin of your choice and tell you more about these faults if they are not visible in the picture.
Coins that are not new are available in different conditions. If there are several coins of the same type in the store, you can choose the best one out of all of them, according to your opinion, and order that one. I will provide photos to help you decide.


Purchases can be done through PayPal "For Friends and Family" mode.
Regular customers will be allowed to pay after they received the package.
If you order a product that is not in stock, and pay for pre-order in advance, you will have an additional discount of 2%.


If after receiving coins you find any deficiencies, about which you have not been informed - contact me. There are several ways to resolve this situation:
- you send the coins back to me (I pay for the shipment), and I will transfer the money back to you.
- I return you part of the money and the coins will remain with you (I will make you a discount)
- I send you better coins of the same type as you originally chose, and you return the defective ones to me (at my expense).

If you find broken capsules when you receive coins, I will send you new ones.

 I hope that from a simple visitor you will become a regular customer.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. I have a shop on eBay TK-coins shop

and have an account on MuenzAuktion - tk_coin

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Thanks for pointing out your site to me, Very clear and inviting. Post more Russian coins. Smiles!
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mingokau • 6:48 AM, TodayThanks for pointing out your site to me, Very clear and inviting. Post more Russian coins. Smiles!
I try every day to add coins, but my work distracts from this activity))