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Last big auction

Hello Dear Customers! 


As some of you know, we are closing our stores both on eBay and tk-coins.com. There are several reasons why we do this, but each one of them individually is enough to explain it, I will not, however, go into details here. Thank you very much for your purchases with us throughout the years! Because of you, we had an occupation that made our lives interesting to live and do what we love! However, this is not the end. At the moment we are selling silver and gold leftover coins at a German auction. This is not the last auction (because we have several copies of some coins), but it will be the biggest one. Perhaps you will find something that interests you. The starting price for the 1, 2 and 3 Ruble coins is 1 Euro, so, I hope, the prices will be attractive for you. The auction will end in about a month, so you have time. 25 Ruble silver and 50 Ruble gold coins have been added at the lowest prices possible for me, thank you for your understanding. The payment for the coins is as usual - upon receiving them!

It's link of our coins: Muenzauktion


Best regards
Catherina and Taras

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