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1997 The 5000-ruble Bank of Russia note of 2010 modification

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The 5000-ruble Bank of Russia note of 2010 modification

In circulation since 06.09.2011 
Dimensions 157 x 69 mm

The modified banknote has the same dimensions and general design as the 5000-ruble banknote of 1997 issue.


The colour and graphical design of the front and back of the banknote has been partially changed.


On the front of the modified banknote in the lower part of the left unprinted area to the left of the main image there is a text "МОДИФИКАЦИЯ 2010 ГОДА" (2010 modification).


Banknotes of 2010 modification have the following main differences:

  • security fibres of two types are embedded in the paper (two-coloured and one-coloured grey ones);
  • a wide security thread is embedded in the paper. It comes out on a surface on the front of the banknote in the shape of a window;
  • there is a multitone & highlight watermark on the right unprinted area;
  • the coat-of-arms of the city of Khabarovsk is printed in optically variable magnetic ink (OVMI) with the effect of a moving bright glossy bar;
  • on the front of the banknote at the edges of unprinted areas there are fine relief line marks;
  • in the bottom part of a field with the latent coloured stripes there is an area with constantly visible coloured stripes (MVC+ effect);
  • the height of figures to the left of the serial number smoothly increases from the left to the right;
  • on the back of the banknote the multi-coloured ornamental stripe has been changed;
  • some elements of the image have magnetic properties;
  • under UV and IR light the banknote images differ in some aspects from the images of the banknotes of the previous issue.

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