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Case (220x300x50 mm) for 40 coins in capsules (diameter 46 mm)

  • Manufacturer: Russia
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  • Unit: pcs
  • Weight: 960.00
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In the case is enclosed lodgement for 20 coins in capsules, on top of the first lodgement in the case is laid the second lodgement for another 20 coins in capsules.

Coins should be packed in clear plastic capsules.
Suitable for coins with a diameter of: 37 mm, 38 mm, 38.61 mm, 39 mm, 40 mm, 40.7 mm, 41 mm.


Weight 960 gr
Suede Material
Type of finishing Pillow from white satin in lid, Flocked base in base
External packing size 220x300x50 mm
The diameter of the cell is 46 mm
Number of cells 40 pcs.
Color Light burgundy



Added by: tkrasnov75, Sunday, 2017-12-24