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Tablet "S" (234x296x12 mm) for 4 coins Sochi-2014 in a blister pack and 4 coins Sochi-2014 in capsules

  • Manufacturer: Russia
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  • Weight: 180.00
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In the tablet are made grooves under:
- 4 Olympic color coins of Sochi-2014 in a blister pack.
Size of the groove: 56x116 mm
- 4 Olympic coins of Sochi-2014 in capsules.
The outer diameter of the capsule is 44 mm.

Above, the tablet is closed with a transparent plastic cover.


Weight 180 gr
Material Flock (Velvet)
Finishing The tablet has a black plastic base
Transparent plastic cover
External packing size 234х296х12 mm
Color Dark red, Dark blue

Added by: tkrasnov75, Tuesday, 2018-01-02