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Tablet S (234x296x12 mm) for coins of the series "Symbols of Russia"

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Symbols of Russia - Commemorative coins of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, dedicated to the symbols of Russia.
The commemorative coins of the series "Symbols of Russia" were launched on September 28, 2015 by the Bank of Russia. The series was fully issued by the Bank of Russia before the end of 2015, consists of 10 coins with a nominal value of 3 rubles, minted from silver of 925-th test, quality "proof".

List of commemorative silver coins of the series "Symbols of Russia": Kizhi, Kolomna Kremlin, Mamaev Kurgan, Lake Baikal, Peterhof, Pskov Kremlin, Rostov Kremlin, Trinity-Sergius Lavra, "Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin", Mosque "Heart of Chechnya".

Diameter of coins: 39 mm
Coin thickness: 3,3 mm

Circulation of coins:
in the usual performance quality "proof" - for 4500 pieces of each type,
in a special version with a color image - for 500 pieces of each type.

Coins should be packed in plastic capsules with an external diameter of 46 mm capsule.

Above, the tablet is closed with a transparent plastic cover.


The diameter of the cell is 46 mm
Depth of the cell 6 mm
Number of cells 10 pcs.
Color Dark bordeaux, Dark blue, Green, Black

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